Pairi Daiza, Europe’s best zoo

Ecau Lodge is just 30km from Pairi Daiza.

What could be better than discovering this animal park and then recharging your batteries in the peace and quiet of nature? You'll need two days to visit its different kingdoms, so you can enjoy an extended nature break.


Not far from Ecau Lodge, you can visit a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites:

- Les Ascenseurs du Canal du Centre historique, for a visit to the 4 oldest hydraulic lifts still in operation. These were the first Belgian sites to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Grand Place in Brussels.

- Le Bois-du-Luc, Musée de la Mine et du Développement Durable: immerse yourself in the history of coal mining, for a moving cultural visit.

- The town of Binche: Ecau Lodge is located less than 20km from Binche, famous for its Belfry and its not-to-be-missed carnival.

Walking & Gastronomy

By bike or on foot, there are many walks to do in Ecaussinnes and the surrounding area:

- Visit the Brasserie Saint-Feuillien or a vineyard: Ruffus or Chant d'Éole

- The Bois de la Houssière, the Romantique, the Senette valley,the old canal from Seneffe to Ronquières and the Château de Seneffe estate - there's something for everyone.

- For a family holiday, we can also recommend a walk with Les Ânes de Sylvie, perfect for children. Or the adventure trail at the Ferme du Planois.

- The Canal du Centre Historique for a boat trip or beautiful walks along the water.


There are several museums within a 40 km distance of Ecau Lodge:

- Keramis, the Ceramics Centre in La Louvière and the Domaine & Musée royal de Mariemont in Morlanwelz

- The Bois-du-Luc in La Louvière or the Bois du Cazier in Charleroi

- The International Carnival and Mask Museum in Binche and the Photography Museum in Charleroi

- The archaeological site of Spiennes, SILEX'S and the Mundaneum (the Google of paper) in Mons and the Battle of Waterloo Domain

Other activities

There's plenty to do in the surrounding area:

- Some towns to visit: Mons (25 min), Brussels (40 min), Ghent, Liège and Antwerp (1h15), Bruges (the Venice of the North, 1h30).

- More of a sports fan? Funky Trott offers off-road scooter rides. At the Ferme du Planois, you can play golf in the middle of the farm and its animals. In Nivelles, you can also play a round of golf at the Château de la Tournette.

- For even more thrills, you can take your first flight at the Aéroclub de Buzet or try out a free-fall simulation at the Airspace Indoor Skydiving in Gosselies. You can also (learn to) dive in the Scouffleny quarry, 4 km from Ecau Lodge.

- Do you prefer science? SPARKOH! is a fun way to discover science and technology (less than 30 minutes away).